Produkt dodany do Twojego koszyka.

Greentea Peng
Different Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 listopad 2019
  • Winyl, EP


    W magazynie, wysyłamy teraz.

  • Winyl, Signed Vinyl

    Obecnie brak na magazynie

    Initial orders will be signed by the artist.

    Downers is a vinyl only bonus track. There is no download code included.

Greentea Peng is dark and light, half soul-searcher and half wise-cracker. In a constant explorative state, she is honest and frank, her inner battles channelled through the rhythms and flows of her music. Her energy beams bright whether she’s touching on darker matters or happier moments. Visually Peng is a living, breathing piece of art - effortlessly cutting the figure of a true British original.

Lista ścieżek

  1. 1 Risin' Greentea Peng 3:50 Kup
  2. 2 Inna City Greentea Peng 2:26 Kup
  3. 3 Saturn Greentea Peng 3:06 Kup
  4. 4 Mr. Sun Greentea Peng 3:43 Kup
  5. 5 Sane Greentea Peng 3:12 Kup
  6. 6 Liberation Greentea Peng 2:15 Kup
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